Taste profile: Caramel, chocolate, nuts, cherries

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Dark roast

A seasonal classic espresso blend with minimal acidity and a dense body, which we blended from two African coffees - 40% Robusta Cameroon (washed processing method) and 60% Arabica Ethiopia Guji (natural processing method). Strix espresso stands out with the earthiness of high-quality robusta, bittersweet flavours of chocolate and caramel, and a hint of sweet cherries. More >>

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Strix - Packaging: 250g 250g In stock 6,90 €
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West Region, Cameroon

Guji Zone, Ethiopia

Whole coffee beans
Preparation method
Espresso Moka pot Cezve/ibrik
Roast level
Processing method
Washed Natural
Arabica: Ethiopian Heirloom, Robusta
Country of origin
Ethiopia, Cameroon
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