Taste profile: Cane sugar, dark chocolate, peach

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Medium roast

Medium roast coffee from a family exporter in the Copán region of Honduras. During the roasting process, we concentrated on bringing out sweet caramel and chocolate flavors. Coffee with minimal acidity stands out on french press and single-origin espresso. More >>

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Coffee Origin

Santa Rosa de Copán, Copán, Honduras

Altitude: 1,100-1,500 MASL


Various growers from the Copán region

Copanti is produced by a family exporter from the coffee-growing region of Copán in Honduras. This family exporter has over 25 years of experience in coffee production. They are located in Santa Rosa de Copán, where they have their headquarters and dry mill. They are strategically located on the western side of the country, which is the place where mainly high-quality coffees are grown and an optimal place for its climatic conditions to store coffee. They aim to develop long-term relationships with producers with adequate maintenance, harvesting and processing practices.

Whole coffee beans
Preparation method
Espresso French press Moka pot Cezve/ibrik
Roast level
Processing method
Arabica: Catuaí, Arabica: Icatu, Arabica: Lempira, Arabica: Parainema
Country of origin
Partner (importer)
Mare Terra