Honey, dark chocolate, forest fruit, lemon

Medium roast

Limited nanolot edition! Specialty single-origin espresso coffee from the family-owned Guatemalan El Paraíso farm bursting with sweet chocolate and forest fruit flavours. More >>

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Betelgeuse Espresso - Packaging: 250g 250g In stock 300 Kč

Coffee Origin

San Marcos Volcánico, Guatemala

Altitude: 1,150-1,300 MASL


El Paraíso Farm, Stuardo Coto

Samuel Coto acquired the El Paraíso farm in 1977 and managed it until 1985 when Stuardo Coto, his son, took over management of the farm. Stuardo started gradually shifting focus towards the specialty coffee market and increasing the sustainability practices on the farm. He started studying more about different varietals, yields, and cup quality in order to produce the highest grade specility coffee.

He is conscious of the environment and prohibits any deforestation and hunting on his property. Read more about Stuardo Coto's environment-friendly approach to coffee farming.

Betelgeuse 2 is a unique nano lot from Stuardo's production - we were able to get hold of 30 kg of this gem through our partner Mare Terra.

Whole coffee beans
Preparation method
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Arabica: Bourbon, Arabica: Java
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Mare Terra