Taste profile: Apricots, jasmin, caramel, vanilla

Green coffee

Green coffee for home roasting. This microlot is a collection of cherries from different smallholders from the Uraga district of the Guji zone and was processed at the Beserate Melaku Engdaworke washing station. The Guji Oromo culture has an ancient tradition of coffee farming and has offered exceptional washed coffees with citric, floral and fruity notes. More >>

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Uraga, Guji, Oromia, Ethiopia

Altitude: 2,300 MASL


Beserate Melaku Engdaworke Washing Station

Many communal washing stations are nowadays present in the Uraga district, which has recently seen a rise and development of exemplary coffee producers. This Guji Uraga coffee comes from the Beserate Melaku Engdaworke washing station. Behind all the washing stations in Ethiopia, there are many thrilling stories because private owners are community leaders that certify other farmers based on high quality standards, giving the opportunity to locals to improve their conditions of poverty and at the same time raising the standard of coffee cultivation.

Thanks to the high altitude of the Uraga region and its cool weather, cherries are allowed to dry longer, for about 20 days on average, improving the development of their particular flavors. The Guji region is developing into a unique region with its own distinct flavour profiles.

How to roast
City + až City++ na filtrovanou kávu. Full City na espresso
Whole coffee beans
Processing method
Arabica: Ethiopian Heirloom
Grade 1
Country of origin
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Mare Terra