Taste profile: Cane sugar, vanilla, plums, raspberries

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-11% Light roast

A honey processed micro lot combining subtle fruity notes with predominantly sweet flavours. The coffee comes from the Villa Guadalupe farm located on the base of Santa Ana volcano, known for providing the ideal microclimate and volcanic soils for producing top-quality coffees. The climate at the farm, dry and not too hot, is great for natural and honey processed coffees. More >>

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Coffee Origin

Ilamatepec Mountain Range, Apaneca, El Salvador

Altitude: 1,350-1,450 MASL


San Juan Bosco Farm, Andrés Salaverria

The 15-hectare farm Villa Guadalupe, from the Salaverria family, brothers Jose Antonio and Andres and their father Jose Antonio Senior, began production in 2015. The brothers are sixth-generation coffee producers. Villa Guadalupe is known for having an ideal microclimate for growing coffee and for its beautiful tall bourbon and pacamara trees.

The Salaverria family are innovators in processing and farming. They separate coffees according to the days of picking and apply different processes, fermentation and drying techniques depending on the capacity and potential of each lot.

The farm is part of the JASAL, project, which promotes the health and wellbeing of employees’ children from the community. The pickers are paid a premium, well over twice the minimum wage, for selective picking and José employs as much permanent staff as possible to maintain a local workforce.

Whole coffee beans
Preparation method
Roast level
Processing method
Arabica: Bourbon
Country of origin
El Salvador
Partner (importer)
Mare Terra