Taste profile: Almonds, nectarine, passion fruit, ripe fruit

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New Light roast

This natural processed micro lot has high acidity and combines strong tropical fruit flavours with almonds. The coffee comes from Andrés Salaverria's farm near the Ataco municipality, located on the base of Santa Ana volcano. The farm is known for providing the ideal microclimate and volcanic soils for producing top-quality coffees. The farm's dry and not-too-hot climate is great for natural and honey-processed coffees. More >>

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Coffee Origin

Ataco, Ilamatepec Mountain Range, Apaneca, El Salvador

Altitude: 1,100-1,200 MASL


Andrés Salaverria

The Salaverria family is an innovator in processing and farming. They separate coffees according to the days of picking and apply different processes, fermentation, and drying techniques depending on each lot's capacity and potential.

Whole coffee beans
Preparation method
Roast level
Processing method
Arabica: Bourbon, Arabica: Catuaí, Arabica: Caturra
Country of origin
El Salvador
Partner (importer)
Mare Terra