Cane sugar, milk chocolate, orange, floral notes

Medium roast

A selection of the Castillo and Caturra varietals from 9 different farms in Colombia's Huila region. Colombia Golden Huila is a result of the "Young Farmers of Huila" community project and offers a smooth cup with overall sweetness. More >>

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Coffee origin

Huila, Colombia

Altitude: 1,400-1,750 MASL


Coocentral cooperative

This coffee belongs to a COOCENTRAL project "The Young Farmers of Huila" supported by our Catalan importer partner Mare Terra, who worked with nine farmers from Huila. The project was led by Timur Dudkin, the Quality Control Chief, Master Roaster and coffee expert of Mare Terra.

The project aimed to challenge the usual fermentation process practiced in most of Colombian farms where the coffee is depulped in the evening and washed in the morning. Dudkin trialed a 72-hour fermentation that improved the quality and taste of this coffee, generally has to be sold by the farmers at a minimum revenue.

Colombian farmers are used to traditional processes trying to secure the sale of their harvest; however, this project allowed them not only to experiment but develop their techniques to produce premium quality coffee.

Special Note

About 4,000 farms in Huila are associated at Coocentral Cooperative focusing on classification and quality assessment of potentially selected coffee. The cooperative has 4 quality control laboratories in which at least half of the associates take the green beans for analysis. After roasting and cupping, price of the lots are determined and a recommendation of potential customers is given to the farmers. Farmers receive additional compensation if they participate in one of the strategic programs of the cooperative. For example, the “Women in Coffee” or “The Young Farmers of Huila” programs allow producers to experiment, improve their production and escape the traditional ways of trade coffee.

Whole coffee beans
Preparation method
Espresso French press Moka pot Cezve/ibrik
Roast level
Processing method
Arabica: Castillo, Arabica: Caturra
Country of origin
Partner (importer)
Mare Terra