Taste profile: Dark chocolate, caramel, stone fruits

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Medium roast

A medium roasted specialty lot from the Daterra farms with smooth acidity and sweet caramel, dark chocolate and stone fruit flavours. Excellent for the preparation of a well-balanced single-origin espresso. Daterra farms were the first coffee producers in Brazil to receive the Rainforest Alliance certification. More >>

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Coffee Origin

Patrocínio, Minas Gerais, Brazílie

Altitude: 1,100 MASL


Farmy Daterra, Luis N. Pascoal

Daterra is a large-scale farm located in Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil. Daterra's primary focus is on sustainability and quality. Daterra was the first coffee producer to receive the Rainforest Alliance Certification. Daterra was funded over 30 years ago and is owned and run by Luis N. Pascoal.

The Espresso Collection blend was specially designed for a well-balanced espresso. The cherries were processed in two ways – part of the harvest was pulped, and the second part was late-harvested when the coffee cherries were almost thoroughly dried on the tree.

Whole coffee beans
Preparation method
Espresso French press Moka pot Cezve/ibrik
Roast level
Processing method
Arabica: Bourbon, Arabica: Catuaí
Country of origin
Partner (importer)
Mare Terra