Coffee Bean Selection

  • We carefully select coffee from around the world together with our partners (importers), who know farmers directly, check and guarantee the quality of green coffee and ensure environmental sustainabilityand working conditions on the farms. 
  • We receive samples of green coffee from our partners, and carefully check verify quality for the first time (we focus on defects of green coffee and measure the moisture and density of coffee beans).
  • We roast samples on our IKAWA PRO sample roaster perform cupping the next day. We are look for the ideal roast profile for every coffee - we choose whether the coffee is suitable for light/filter or medium/espresso roast.
  • We order larger quantities of the coffees that appeal to us. Within a few days the selected coffees arrive from our partners to our roastery, where it is carefully stored.

Roasting Process

  • We roast on our production roaster, Coffed SR 5, with a 6 kg green coffee batch size. The typical size of our batch is currently 3 kg.
  • We replicate the ideal profile selected during sample roasting with the aid of the Artisan Scope software, which allows temperature logging and automates roaster control.
  • We adapt the roasting process to several variables we record before we start roasting. These variables include: batch size, humidity, density and temperature of green coffee, and outdoor air pressure.
  • After roasting, we check the quality and consistency of each batch: We measure the weight loss of the coffee beans and use a colorimeter to compare the color of the roasted coffee with samples.
  • The final step which guarantees the quality and consistency of roasted coffee is another cupping session within 24 hours of roasting.

Packaging and Delivery to Customers

  • We pack all roasted batches into coffee packages, or, if required, into larger packages or depositable buckets.
  • Freshly roasted coffee requires time to develop and stabilize its flavours. We store freshly roasted coffee and let it rest for 2-3 days, only then we ship it to our customers.
  • We recommend consuming our coffee within 5 weeks of the roast date.


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