Many ideas to reduce the environmental impact of roasting coffee, coffee shops and end consumers on the environment have emerged over the years. We opened our micro-roastery and online store with several concepts we believe will contribute to the reduction and reuse of coffee waste.

Coffee packaging

Our preferred way of selling roasted and green coffee is without packaging. When purchasing from us, just select “In-person pickup - BRING YOUR OWN PACKAGE” as the shipping method in the checkout process.

We understand that in-person pickup is not always possible. When we have no other choice but to use packaging, we only pack roasted and green coffee in fully compostable bags.

Kávové obaly

Our coffee bags are made of vegetable and organic materials, free of plastic and are 100% biodegradable according to the European standard PN-EN 14806: 2010, including the aroma valve and zip lock closure.

If you choose not to reuse the bags, for example for future packaging-free orders from our shop, you can compost them after tearing off the stickers. We are currently working on fully compostable stickers.

The three-layer bags are lined with a natural polymer substitute for non-compostable aluminium or plastic foils, which guarantees coffee durability and long-lasting coffee aroma.

Online Order Packaging

Smaller orders are packed in fully recyclable eco-boxes, made of at least 90% recycled paper and printed with non-toxic water-based ink. The boxes are durable and reusable - feel free to return them to our roastery, and we will reuse them.

Krabice z recyklovaného papíru

We pack larger orders in second-hand boxes, which we collect in shops and pickup point of online stores nearby.

We seal the used boxes with paper tape with a natural rubber-based glue for easy recycling.

We do not mail out paper invoices with orders. We only send digital versions by email unless otherwise requested in advance by customers.

Reusable waste from coffee roasting

Every roastery produces waste that can be reused or composted.

The roasting process produces organic coffee waste - remnants of silverskin or chaff. Chaff is ideal for composting and, thanks to its lightness, is an excellent additive to other compostable materials and a perfect fertilizer. Chaff is also used as animal bedding, for example for rabbits, hamsters and chickens.

Kávový pergament (chaff)

Traditionally, coffee is packaged, transported and stored in jute bags. Jute bags have a wide range of reuse, for example in agriculture, or as fabric in a variety of fashion accessories and even furniture.

Jutové pytle

If you'd like to pick up some chaff or jute bags for free, message us via our online chat.

We like to inspire and be inspired by ideas to reduce the environmental impact of coffee consumption. Any comments and ideas to improve and reduce the impact of our coffee business are welcome - feel free to write to us.